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ALC is a travel organization dedicated to providing superior and individual client service for the international traveler, whether they be adults or students. ALC focusses on providing our clients with customized itineraries of their choice. For the most part our travel consultants have explored that "out of the way" village, stayed overnight in that particular hotel, or just relaxed on that beach. Whether it's your own personal "wanderlust" or a tour for a special group, we're here to provide you with informative and personalized service.

Adventures in Language and Culture was established in 1991 with a commitment to emphasizing the integration of the American culture into the learning of the English language. Since then it has evolved into a customized travel provider. Because small group travel is more effective, we strive to ensure that each program is kept as small as possible. The reduced size also assures us that ALC's quality standards are always maintained. Our experienced program staff, whether in the United States or Europe, provides each participant with a true Adventure.

In 2003 ALC extended the scope of its programs to include Adventures, etc... These programs are intended for individual adults, tour groups interested in custom itineraries, language teachers, or anyone interested in a fresh approach to international travel. Each itinerary is unique and planned only after consultation with, and approval from, the individual client.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about us. We're convinced you'll be more than satisfied with ALC. We stand ready to plan an exciting out of the way "Adventure" for ALL of you. Check back with us often to discover which road you might consider traveling next!